Friday, 24 August 2012

Cute Stirling engine kit

I had the great pleasure of building up a prototype kit of this cute little Stirling engine last weekend. Soon to be sold at It consists of laser cut parts that slot together with a little glue, the "boiler" consists of a travel sweet tin and the power piston is made from surgical glove which can be easily replaced when worn. It was extremely easy to put together except for perhaps the bending of the con-rods but Michael has designed a jig to make that much easier. I love the noise it makes and I think it certainly makes a tea light more interesting!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

It's been a while and yet another new toy

I've not posted, mainly because I have not been very active and partly because my garage is now saturated with nice machines with insufficient room to move between them. I hope to have remedied that soon with the all new not so littlest workshop.

Here is my new purchase, a Zcorp 406. Basically the same as the 402 in many ways but it can also print in colour. Or rather it can't, of course it is not working! But it seems all the issues are in fluid flow and print heads, this I think I can handle.

The new machine (image from Ebay auction) on the right you can also see the little clean up station that came with it.

An example of the sort of output it can produce when working!