Wednesday, 12 September 2012

dust to dust

I'm just trying to move in to the not so littlest workshop, to make more space I am moving a partition wall closer to the stairs it surrounds. This revealed bare concrete floor, the rest of the floor is epoxy coated but that also looked pretty shabby. So I got quotes for a new epoxy floor, ouch!  DIY it is then! Step one, remove all the old epoxy floor. I hired a diamond grinder, this got rid of the bulk without too much fuss and the dust extraction kept things pretty clean. But that left the details; the hire place did not have a small grinder so I started using my angle grinder, I bought a diamond grinding wheel which worked brilliantly but coated me and everything in dust within seconds, it even set the fire alarm off. So I had do do something about it. At 5 to midnight I went to Tescos and got everything I needed:

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