Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Autodesk 123D

And now for something completely different, Autodesk the creators of the venerable Autocad and 3Ds max have some out with some interesting software over recent years in the shape of Autodesk 123D suite of apps or programs as I like to call them. These include:

123D: A Free 3D modelling package
123D Catch: Software that creates 3D models from photographs
123D Sculpt: 3D z-brush type sculpting for the iPad
123D Make: Software for creating laminated models, sort of LOM (laminated object modelling) ghetto style, either with a laser cutter or with scissors.

I was aware of Catch and Make but had not really checked out the range, sculpt looks particularly interesting. With 3D printers reducing in price, simple interfaces to make "pretty things" will be essential. I'm also going to check out the basic CAD package to see how friendly that is. Most of my CAD needs are engineering based so it may not suit me but it will be very interesting to see.

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