Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Progress slowing

Well I got the printer back together and it turned on again without incident, tried adding some powder and it spreads but not every time, sometimes the gantry just stopped. But I thought I would press on so after adding a little grease to the rails I set it to print. No joy, I got an error concerning the print cartridge and then the software running on the machine crashed. Today I put in another cartridge which I am sure is knackered and it started to go through the motions but no juice came out, then I got an error related to the serial buffer which may be because I am using a USB to serial converter but I have no idea. I think I have one normal ink cartridge that will fit so I may try this just to check the signals are getting through OK. I also have an old PC with a parallel port which I can try. Starting to lose some confidence I can get this going but must push through that, do things step by step and get in to the details

Spread em! The cover over the print section is removed here, as are the curtains the gantry pushes through.

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