Monday, 7 May 2012

Back in the workshop

I've not been in my workshop proper for a while really, it needs a good sort out and to be honest I need more space or at least a lot of work, something I am not so keen on in rented accommodation. But in any case being able to see the bench is a good start.

Something I picked up a few months back from Ikea was a plastic CD/DVD organizer thing (INREDA). The moment I saw it I knew what I could use it for. Organizing my small tool draw, works pretty well. I think you can buy things for exactly this purpose but I am not sure they will stand impatient draw slamming like this one.

It would also be excellent for sorting endmills, reamers and drills etc. Perhaps with some little squares of foam as seperators if needed.

The clear bench inspired me to finally mount my Milwaukee Portaband saw on the stand I got for it last summer. I have some pretty good excuses for not getting this done sooner but it really only took 10 minutes. The stand is by Swag off road and it works well. I need to get a new blade for the saw though, I picked it up on Ebay and you could ride "bare arsed to London" on the supplied blade as my Dad used to say. The only downsides of the stand are the shipping and I am also not a fan of the big logos in the side. If it is strong enough even with all these cuts then I have to wonder why all that materials is there in the first place. He has now update the design and it comes in three pieces, that should reduce the shipping as volume is a factor. You can also get a simpler stand that is just the top section which you clamp in a vice.

Cuts in 10mm Ali were really accurate despite the blunt blade.

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