Monday, 7 May 2012

Cheese dreams

This post should be filed directly under the "for shits and giggles" category (shouldn't they all). It struck me that keys, even those with security keyways are susceptible from copying and you can even buy/make proper key copying systems from high tech keyway scanning cutters to clay and low melting point allow.

But what would Maguyver do? While thinking these thoughts I was enjoying a few Babybel cheeses, they come in a wax coating which is much softer than candle wax. Hmm.

1. The left over wax from the Babybels, note the nice "Damascus" finish caused by the inner white wax and the outer red. 2. The wax was melted in some tin foil boats with a hot air gun. I put it in the freezer to harden and make it easier to remove the foil. 3. I wrapped it in cling film (food wrap) to act as a barrier because once at room temp it is really soft and sticky. 4/5. The impressions left by the key after squeezing the two halves onto it. 6. The result cast in epoxy, it was far from perfect, the process could work but you need to put the wax into boxes so that it is constrained when you press the halves onto the key, also good for registration of the mould halves. An alternative for registration with this method is a couple of ball bearings pressed into the wax beside the key when impressioned.

Does it open a lock? I have no idea, I accidentally made it for a lock I broke, doh!

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