Friday, 18 May 2012

Chrome browser tips

I am always surprised when I watch other people browse because they don't use some of the really handy features of the browser that make navigation much quicker, especially when manically researching using multiple tabs. The tips below also work on some other browsers.

1. Middle click to open a link in a new tab, i.e. press your roller, this is much quicker than right clicking and selecting open in new tab.
2. Close tabs with a middle click on the tab. You can do this even if you are not currently viewing the tab, its a quick way to get rid of tabs you are done with without losing your place.
3. Reorder tabs, you can simply drag them from side to side.
4. Pull a tab out of the browser, click on the tab and drag it, either into another instance of the browser or onto the desktop to become a new browser with only one tab. This is great for dual monitor systems. I think you can also drag them from Chrome to Firefox IIRC.
5. Middle click on the back button, this creates a new tab with the previous page loaded and the history so you can use the back button again from that tab, this is great if you want to go back AND keep looking at the page you just got to. Similarly you can right click on the back button and middle click on any of the links.
6. Right clicking on a tab gives some handy options as well.

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