Sunday, 27 May 2012


It was a long shot and one which I would normally expect to fail. I took a trip to B&Q to see if they had any suitable O-rings. To my surprise and delight they had quite a few destined for plumbing applications. Plumbing is a bit old fashioned I suppose so the thickness's were imperial. 1/16th seemed to match and even the diameters seemed like they might work. I basically bought everything and spares, a cost only a fraction of the proper O-ring kit and even less than a new pump (400usd from zcorp).

But did they fit I hear you ask? Well yes, in fact the 8 piece 1/6th mixed o-ring set by Plumb sure had enough rings for two pumps. The pumps contain three O-rings, one on the non return valve which seemed fine, one on the piston (which was as loose as can be) and another that seals the assembly. I replaced the piston O-ring and it made a good seal but could still move in the groove to provide a valve action and it then started pumping but it also leaked so I replaced the body O-ring and all seems good. Fluid is flowing into the cartridge now, I am almost ready to print. Decided to try and clean a bit, may yet regret that.

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