Monday, 4 June 2012

Almost done

So I am all but done bringing the Z402 back to life, only minor issues now. To recap this is what I have had to do so far:

1. Found mispositioned ribbon cable that prevented the internal PC from booting.
4. Removed printer assembly to clean "car wash" then removed gantry to thoroughly clean.
3. Cleared blockage to input of binder filter.
4. Replaced o-rings on priming pump so it works.
5. Found damage to print head ribbon cable and repaired
6. Slow axis then failed, found problem with control relays, temporarily bi-passed.
7. Repaired binder low-level sensor, this was just a broken wire and an annoying constant error message :).
8. Replaced roller scraper, I used a piece of polypropylene from a plastic folder copying the old scraper and using a soldering iron to make neat holes (scrape off the kerf with knife).
9. Generally cleaned the heck out of it.

Yet to do:

1. Replace the relays on the interface board
2. Make or obtain binder
3. Make new gantry "curtains"
4. Work out why the laptop doesn't work.
5. Possibly replace some binder hoses.
6. Light bulb
7. Replace missing fixings

My god, it actually works!

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