Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Secret ingredients

Mark from open3Dp suggested that I add about 10% glycerine to my mix to help it bond, he also suggested I try plaster instead of the starch based powder I have as a longer term solution.

I ordered some plaster that I hope will be suitable and also tried the glycerine. Firstly I noticed that it seemed to print a little darker, perhaps the cartridges prefer the modified viscosity, I don't know. After the print I left it for an hour and there was a definite improvement however it was obvious that I would not get the model out in one piece. So I lifted it out along with a lot of powder and popped it in the oven for a while to try out. The parts are definitely stronger than before but interestingly the layers do not seem to have stuck to each other.

Two chain links, unfortunately non of the vertically orientated links survived due to a lack of strength because of the lack of a bond between the layers.

And here we have the layers literally splitting apart. Seems a bit odd, is my saturation too low? Is the layer thickness too great? Not sure.

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