Saturday, 2 June 2012

Every cloud

It looked like both of the projects I have on the go at the moment had stalled, the Zcorp because of a lack of an ink cartridge and the laser scanner because of a lack of component availability. So I settled to have a weekend doing all of the things I should have been doing this past week. I emptied a ton of rubbish from my car, emptied the bins and even started to look at the washing up. While considering which box I could use to tidy up all the Zcorp bits into I noticed a small cardboard box, could it be, no don't get your hopes up, YES another cartridge, an original zcorp spare even! . . .

OK I got a little excited taking off the protective cap!

Success! Well another good step, this is printed in binder and it seems to have worked. I have a few powder spreading issues, I definitely need to replace the scraper on top of the roller/spreader but it's better, definitely better. But then .....

Nooooo! This has happened a few times, might be the PC end not the machine, will try again and then with another PC.

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