Monday, 11 June 2012

Stika part 1, mechanical repair

This is the base with the electronics, the camera module for the scanner at the bottom and the roller with encoder and mirror a the top.

And hear the main mechanical assembly. The little gantry has a stepper driving the cutting knife with solenoid operated lift. You can see that the upper roller is not at all where it should be.

From below you can see the driven shaft that moves the paper and to the right the fixings for two springs that pull the counter roller down on to the paper. On the left the same fixings are broken and the two springs are gone. The plastic part that is missing is the rattle!

And here is the repair awaiting some springs. A little work with a dremel and a piece of piano wire were all that was required. The bearing seems to be retained well enough so I just left it. I did however end up stiffening it all up a little with some hot glue. Yep, dremel and hot glue, classy.

The unit needs a 16v supply, 16V!! Typical. It also needs a strange din connector to connect to the PC.

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