Sunday, 3 June 2012

There, I fixed it

So after some intermittent powder spreading, the slow axis (the gantry) stopped working all together. I spent the day trying to draw out the circuit for the servo stage which includes an h-bridge chip and some relays. The relays are used to interlock the axis so it cannot move when the lid is open and also to apply a brake by shorting the motor terminals. I felt sure it would be the relays but after a lot of playing still did not know how to prove it for sure, they get power but did they switch, and did I dare apply my own power to test the switching? So I decided to bi-pass, don't try this at home kids:

I have tacked the wires on to the output pins of the h-bridge and pushed them into the red connector at the bottom, I even got the polarity right (by accident). And .....

It works!!  So I will order replacement relays and sort out some binder, the original Zcorp binder is crazy expensive so I will make my own. I also have 6 BC-20 ink cartridges on there way to me so I am covered there too.

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