Tuesday, 19 June 2012

SBRM (sticky bottom release mechanism) attempt 1

This is a quick and dirty, non optimal attempt to make the sticky bottom release mechanism previously mentioned. It may well end in disaster for a variety of reasons.

Two pieces of perspex are laid together.

A hinge is formed with packing tape. This will prevent the pdms flowing between the sheets and provide a release agent for the right hand sheet (nothing sticks to pp tape). For reasons to be explained

Wire is laid on the sheet and two pieces of Plastercine are pushed in place to form the manifolds.

A border is added to contain the PDMS. Once the PDMS is cured the plastercine can be removed along with the right hand perspex plate. Then the overhanging PDMS can be folded to allow pliars to grab the metal wires and extract them, I HOPE. Afterwards the manifolds will be capped with more perspex of similar to seal them.

The PDMS is mixed and poured (Sylgard 184)

The bubbles seem to leave quite freely and the surface looks pretty good. I can't bake this because of the Plastercine so it will be 24hrs before cured I think  nope, 48hrs. I covered it with an upturned tray to keep out the dust.

To be continued .....

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